Couples Massage

Couple massage Canada

This special massage session is best for two-person, but not necessarily couples. Whether you are close friends, couple, or relatives we can serve you at the same time. This is in-demand on special occasions like Valentine's day, anniversaries, and many more. This is also called a duo massage with the different therapists doing the massage at the same time. If you plan to have a massage with your spouse or friends at the same time we have a therapist that will come to your place. Or if you want us to do it in our clinic, Couple massage Canada have a large room enough for two massage tables. At the same time, we do the massage to both of them. This is also good for the person who has not experienced a massage, the other person can join so that they will not feel awkward. 

Our couple massage Canada offers an affordable fee that will surely fit your budget for two. We do the regular massage but if they want additional features they want in our clinic there are a few dollar additional costs to it. However, if you want to do it to your home we will bring two therapists and with regular massage cost. Our therapist is an expert in massage that will give relief to all of our customers. 

Benefits of Couples Massage

Number 1. It gives a good bonding for the couples. They will both experience to relax at the same time. This is one of the best to celebrate some special occasion with champagne after the massage. Even without occasion, they give each other a pamper to release any marital problem. After the massage, they both can share the experience they have during the massage session. And when they come home they will both have a good night's sleep and the following day they will have a good day.

Number 2. Good for a person who has no experience in massage. If your spouse has no experience yet in massage you may join him/her so that he/she will not feel awkward. Or if your friend has no experience also you may join him/her. Thus, after the massage, they can share each other experience. 

Number 3. Both will have relaxation at the same time. If both spouses are working this is the best time for them to relax. It helps to release all the stress in the office and at the home. Besides relaxation, they will also receive healing on the muscles and body. This is good for them so that they will have both can make their relationship stronger.

How much does a couples massage cost?

We offer an affordable couples massage or duo massage with a regular massage that will surely give satisfaction. If you want in our place there some adds on that we offer like champagne good for the couple to celebrate their special occasions. We also have some other features to celebrate their special day. Once you set an appointment with us you also inform us of the adds on that you want to have. We are the one will set the items you want. We want to be part of your special day. However, if you want it to do it in your home you may still order an adds on so that you will have no other problem. 

The Therapist

Our therapist for couples massages a pair of two women who will both do the same methods of regular massage with oil. They are both experts because we give them a workshop and training that will give us customer satisfaction. They are friendly to our customers who will do the massage professionally. Our therapist is always ready to serve our customers for in-home service at any time anywhere.