Prenatal Massage

Another best service that we offer to our pregnant women who needs a massage. But will not affect the condition of the health of the baby in their womb. Our service is the best prenatal massage Canada with a complete healthy procedure. Since ancient times prenatal massage has used to improve overall health, lessen stress, and relieve muscle tension. During pregnancy, massages have received a mix of emotions responses from the health community. Hence, with regard, to their safety and purpose. Modern research shows that prenatal massage therapy can be an additional method. Regarding women's prenatal care and should give careful consideration.

This kind of massage is a nurturing massage that focuses on the special needs of mother-to-be during pregnancy. By positioning, pillows, and cushions used to improve support, decrease pressure and increase relaxation. Thus, for both body and mind. Both the mother and the baby share the benefits as stress and tension melt away. It gives the feeling balanced and energized. It gives relieves stress on feet, ankles, low back, and neck, also reduces swelling. The mother-to-be advises consulting their doctors if prenatal massage is right for them. 

The benefits of Prenatal massage

Number 1. Helps hormones regulations. Study shows that with the help of massage during pregnancy helps change the stress to relaxation. It helps improve cardiovascular health and leads to mood regulation. For pregnant women who have two times a week massage for only five weeks. Their hormones will lessen and the hormones associated with depression will lessen. With the help of change in hormone level also led to fewer complications. Thus, during birth and fewer instances of newborn complications like low birth weight. There is strong evidence that maternal and new birth health benefits when therapeutic massage includes in regular prenatal care. 

Number 2. The swelling will lessen. During pregnancy, women experience swelling due to less circulation. Also, it increases pressure on the major blood vessels by the heavy uterus. With the help of massage, it triggers soft tissues to less the collection of fluids in swollen joints. Massage also improves the removal of tissue waste carried by the body's lymph system. 

Number 3. Enhancement of Nerve pain. The called sciatic nerve pain mostly experienced by many women in late pregnancy. Because the uterus rests on muscles of the pelvic floor and lowers back. The uterus gives pressure that spreads tension to the muscles of the upper and lower leg. That causes them to swell and put pressure on nearby nerves. 

Precautions on Pregnancy

With the help of prenatal massage therapy that we offer to all pregnant women helps lessen their pain and struggle during pregnancy. Thus, it helps the condition of the fetus to be more healthy and the same with the mother. However, not all pregnant women have the same health conditions. Some women who have sensitive pregnancy need not have a prenatal massage for the protection of both the mother and baby. 

The best position for the mother during the massage is side-lying. However, there is still danger on the table the therapist is using it may cause discomfort on stretching the belly. Future mothers should consult their doctors if prenatal massage is good for them or not. Also, better to search for a good and certified therapist that has a good method in prenatal massage. We at Calgary mobile massage service have a certified prenatal therapist that undergo training and workshop. Hence, we have the proper table that will give comfort to our customers. We do not just give the message without gathering information about the customers. Hence, we know how to address specific pregnancy and massage needs.