How Does Massage Work?

If you experience the best massage Canada before and you see any physiological changes but if you haven’t tried one it’s time to treat yourself. Massage is a technique that gently moves us into a mode of comfort where the nervous system relaxes and eased by applying the traditional massage way. This is one technique that is called relaxation response. Another technique is the mechanical response that is applied to soft tissue like muscle. Also, this produces direct and indirect physical and emotional advantages.

What is the relaxation response created by massage therapy?

Caring and soft-touch is an appeal to relaxation together with the pain relief which creates a relaxation response. The response with the relaxation where the rates of the heart and breathing turn to slow down and the body will start to relax. This means that the stress hormone is lessening, as well as the blood pressure normalizes. It also makes the muscles start to let go of their subconscious tension and calm.

The relaxation reaction also tends to grow the free level of serotonin, a chemical that certainly influences emotion and thoughts in the brain. More studies require that confirm the connection between massage and the level of serotonin in the brain.

The following are a bonus of the relaxation reaction is how it helps the physical effect of stress and lessens the linked risks in:

  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Anxiety
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Digestive disorders
  • Psychological problems

So what are mechanical responses to massage?

The outward control of massage has two huge physical effects:

Boost in blood and lymph flow within the body to assist to care and cleanse cells.

To calm the soft tissue particularly the muscles, that soothes and delivers nervous tension and absorbs connective tissues.

Improving circulation with massage

Massage helps enhance the circulation of blood and lymph. Most of us who sit at the table for so long, massage is a physical workout that is not stressful which moves the fluid that sustains and healthily cleans your body.

Easy and efficient – Enhancing circulation can also boost the release of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

Calming the muscles with the use of massage – The results of a massage involve a lessening the tension that we have every day in our body unknowingly that points to less painful muscle spasms and irritated nerves.

Organs can benefit from massage too

Our organs have a part in the neurological pains along with our muscles, nerves, and bones. If our muscles, nerves, and bones are upset, our organs often show upset and dysfunction themselves.

The best example is severe lower back pain during menstrual cramps that will cause lower back muscles to strain in turn. With this, massage enhances symptoms related to the working of both organs and the muscles.


With the above health information about the benefits of massage not only in our physical attributes but also with our organs and muscles. If you are planning to have a massage be sure that you communicate with your Calgary massage therapist about your physical and health condition. In this way, they will perform the correct massage for you. You can call Calgary Mobile Massage the will provide excellent services that you are expecting.

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