What does massage do to your vital body parts

All of us tend to feel the tense part of our body that needs massage is our shoulder, back, and neck which is very true. To massage, these parts will create a huge relaxation and comfort feeling. However, you may not know that there are parts of our body that when massage will create an entire body of calm and relaxation. Canada’s mobile massage provides the best massage you can have. Here are six vital parts of our body that will help ease the body from discomfort.

The ears

Ears are not only created for hearing, but it also has a reflex point that can massage to correct the entire body and mental stress as well. It is the most popular spot for anxiety-releasing which is called Shen Men or the Gate of Heaven. It is believed by Chinese people that pressing the top of our ears, inside the rim can right away bring us into a state of relaxation. As well as, relieve headaches, and lessen the stress.

The Thumb and The Wrists

Our thumbs are an essential part of which makes our hands so versatile and useful. Without it, we cannot grip, punch, and get dressed. Also, it has eight muscles in our thumbs alone. Our fingers have gazillion nerve receptors linked to our body, that is why our fingers offer a window into our health. To massage, our fingers can deliver tension all over the body. If your thumb feels sore, to the point that you cannot open a jar, try to massage your hand and thumb to provide healing too tight, severe areas of your hands.

Thus, we often neglected our wrist and fingers despite its importance and regular use. According to the expert beneath the wrist is another essential acupressure point that when it massage it aims to calm a fast rate heart. For those who suffer anxiety, a method of wristband technique is famous. It helps us lessen our anxiety by snapping the rubber bands.

The Diaphragm and the Gut

Our diaphragm is the basic muscle of breathing but this vital part is also neglected for core and spinal stability. This means that if this part is not in good shape you are prone to more pain and injury.

On the other hand, there are ways to massage our stomach to help good digestion. A specialist believes that massage is about boosting the flexibility of our guts. The advantage of just rubbing the belly promotes good sleep and provides relief from abdominal and hip flexor tension.

With the use of your hand and finger stroke gently on your belly along the way of the large intestine in a slow clockwise movement. Do this for 10 minutes with light pressure to have a calm experience which also aids your body move the food along its way gently.

The Buttocks

The last vital parts of our body that are often neglected are our buttocks, though the gluteus muscles are some of the biggest and most used in our bodies. The various ways include deep strokes, compression, and friction. If you massage your buttocks will aid from long hours of sitting. This can also aid with acute pain, soreness from overuse, and tight muscles through relaxing these strong muscles. This will encourage correct blood flow to go back to the deep tissues of the glutes.


Massage is very important in our daily routine. It aids to enhance the value of our lives. Massage is the greatest pamper treatment that we can have. Calgary Mobile Massage is one of your best choices to call for your next massage appointment. You can choose a better Calgary massage therapist that is well-experienced and trained.

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